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We offer male client advocates that can provide support just for men because sometimes men need someone to talk to, as well. If you are just learning of the pregnancy, our client advocates can listen to your concerns and provide you information and education about parenting, adoption and abortion. We do not offer or refer for abortion services, but we do provide medically accurate information so you can learn about the procedure and risks involved with abortion.

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. You will receive practical, emotional and spiritual support from client advocates with our Fatherhood 101 program. While you complete lessons and attend appointments, you will earn “Daddy Dollars” that can be used to purchase necessary baby items for you child. Some of the lessons that could be included in the curriculum are First Aid/CPR, Car Seat Safety, Bonding With Your newborn, Becoming a Real Dad, Power of Play and Protection, Wise Decision-Making, and God’s Role for a Man.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, Please Contact Us or call Hope at (435) 652-8343.

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